The hope that penetrates the iron curtain of Chinese Communist Party

It was the morning of September 11 2018. I was at work as usual. I got a notification on my mobile from WordPress, that my Chinese article, whose title translates to Trade War: The Truth the Party Doesn’t Want You to Know, has got 244 reads. This was unusual. I have only setup my website ( a few weeks ago and it had hardly any traffic. It hosts my Chinese articles aimed at correcting the misconceptions and lies the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) brain washed into my fellow Chinese, especially the belief that the US is a devil whose sole purpose is to contain or even destroy China. Even many of my university classmates think this way.

At lunch time, the reads were more than a thousand. When I came home for dinner, it was 6,000. After dinner, it was 12,000. When I got in bed, it was 21,000.  95% of the traffic was from China:

I was born in China in 1969. When Mao died, I was 7 years old. I migrated to Australia in 2002, when I was 31. As every Chinese, I was thoroughly brain washed, to the extent that, in the first few years in Australia, I still supported CCP. But after that I started to see the truths. I gradually digested the concept of democracy. Eventually, my understanding on western democracy and politics became deeper than most westerners around me. I am a history fan. I am good in literature and I can write very persuasive and inspiring articles. This puts me on a very unique position: I can get into the minds of those totally brain washed fellow Chinese. I can deliver the truths of the outside world in a way that strikes a chord in them. My other article, which translates to “Mega disaster: China’s misunderstandings on the US” was copied by many Chinese websites under different titles, and the one which was ported into Weechat attracted more than 100,000 readers.

Under this trade war article, there were a lot of abusive comments. China’s military expenditure is second to the US, but its budget for “维稳” (maintain stability) i.e. suppression of freedom and rights, is much larger than its military budget. They could afford this thanks to the 500 billion dollars they get from the US through trade each year. They hire hundreds of thousands of full time personnel, going over hundreds of millions of web pages every day, deleting articles and comments some times minutes after they appear, which are deemed detrimental to the party. On websites outside of their control, like mine, they pretend to be patriots and leave angry and abusive comments.

I never take these ignorant hired pens seriously. So I left a comment laughing at them, saying I would not delete any of their abusive comments, so that the world could see how low they were.
However, when I went to bed, a reply on my laughing comment, only three characters, sent a chill down my spine: “别得意” (don’t laugh, as yet). I knew this one was different from those ignorant foot soldiers. This was was from someone with confidence, in control.

Next day the traffic from China died down. There were still a thousand or two, as the black listing of my website propagated across the gigantic iron curtain that encircles the 1.4 billion Chinese and cuts them off from the free world. In a couple of days, the curtain was completely closed. The traffic from China ground to a halt.
All my articles have lost 99% of their intended audience. The need for my website to exist is now in question.

However, I am more upbeat then ever.

In the past, whenever I tried to tell the truth or expose the lies in front of my fellow Chinese, I never had any support. All I got was abuse and derision. So I thought, 20 years after I left China,  my fellow Chinese are still totally brain washed. I thought they were hopeless.

Now, on the 11th of September 2018, an article that plainly explained simple facts that are well know to the outside world, exponentially attracted 22,000 Chinese readers. If not blocked, it could have easily reached tens of millions. After my website was blocked, I did a Google search with the title of my article, I found ten Chinese websites which published this article.
This showed me how thirsty the silent majority are for the truths.

It explained why the party would so swiftly block my website from the 1.4 billion people under their grip.

This gave my unprecedented hope: the most effective tool to neutralise the threat of CCP, backed by its ever increasing arsenal, are not aircraft carriers, stealth bombers, supersonic cruise missiles and quiet nuclear subs. It is simply the truth. It is to deliver such truth, to the eyes of the 1.4 billion truth-thirsty Chinese, in a way that resonates with them.  When they realise that America and the free world is not their arch enemy, instead those who built the iron curtain is, without a single shot fired, CCP’s ruthless regime will collapse.

The hope that penetrates the iron curtain of Chinese Communist Party”的一个响应

  1. I had studied Civil Engineering in Canada and came back to China since 2011. Luckily I have always being working for foreign companies and being subjective to the major media among Chinese society. It is a conincedent to know your site, introduced by my friend. Usually I don’t leave any comments on articles but just pretty much want to write here and wanna support you spiritly. Good luck and all the best.


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