Under siege by virus and negligence – A Wuhan citizen’s own account

Wuhan people

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Hello everyone! I hope that everyone who can see my video can cherish this video, because it is not easy to make it. In our mainland China, there are various difficulties to overcome the (giant) firewall, and the network delay is particularly chaotic. So I was forced to come here (VPN to Youtube). I hope more Chinese and more kind people can see and notice, about the coronavirus, Wuhan pneumonia, the severity of this epidemic, and the actual situation in us local people’s lives.

Now all public transportation in Wuhan has been shutdown. It was said that the gas station also stopped refueling.  I can’t help but have a few questions. If you have some kind of high blood pressure and heart disease, and now you need to go to the hospital, how do you get there? Call that emergency number 120, you can try it, it won’t work at all, you always get a busy tone. If you suspect that you have contracted Wuhan pneumonia, you want to go to the hospital for a diagnosis, and you cannot go at all. How do you go? The hospital was overcrowded. The doctors will not ask you to register or anything, all they ask you to do is to lined up. You may stand in line for a few hours. You may have not have actually contracted the virus, but standing in line for hours will get you cross-infected.

I then tell you what I saw with my own eyes. Before the city of Wuhan was shutdown on January 23, on the 22nd and before the 22nd, there were not many people wearing facial masks in the entire city. People were still playing mahjong in mahjong rooms. People are crowed together to social. I would like to ask, what is the Secretary of the Party Committee or the Mayor of Wuhan doing? As the top officials of a place, don’t they get the information? Why didn’t they talk on TV to the whole city, to enforce the rule to wear masks, to raise their vigilance? Well, if he didn’t get the information, it means that he was negligent. This person is simply not suitable for being government. Am I missing something?

After the city was shutdown on January 23rd, they started to post a notice at the entrance of each community, which required everyone to wear a mask. People then started to wear masks on the 23rd, yesterday, 24th, and today on the 25th. That proved that it is not that the local people in Wuhan who do not cooperate, but that the local government have not acted at all, or that they acted like this for other purposes, which we do not discuss. We can only say that in this epidemic, we already have the lessons learnt in the the SARS outbreak in 2003, but now we are repeating historical mistakes. The situation this time is definitely worse than the 2003 SARS epidemic. Now if you want to come out, let’s say you want to go to hospital, all public transportation has stopped. If you want to drive out to the hospital yourself, gas stations do not refuel.  I saw this on the Internet, I have not verified myself. The medical system is completely paralyzed, or in chaotic. Many of my friends who work in the hospital told me that when you went to the hospital, you get some anti-inflammatory drugs, you get some hormones, and then you just wait to die. If you are strong enough to bear it, you will make it. If you can’t, you die.

Then the most farcical thing is that, when there are some suspected cases, maybe because of the lack of the virus test strips, or because their medical resources can not keep up, they just tell you to go home and isolate yourself at home. May I ask, can you find a second country in the world that is so ridiculous? Not mentioning you are a suspected case, even if it is one in a thousand chance, you must make a proper diagnosis . How could they just let you go home so casually? If you are a super virus carrier, isn’t it equal to saying that the government or that the medical system openly asks you to bring the virus back to the community, to do cross infection? As an individual, an ordinary person, your medical knowledge and your isolation knowledge are not as good as the professional isolation unit in the hospital, right? Can you find a second country or government like this in the world?

I am posting this video on YouTube, and I have no other purpose, I just think that, people in this life, sometimes, when necessary, you have to tell the truth. Sometimes, in order to survive, or for various purposes, you have to lie . However, at a certain moment, I think it is necessary to reach to your heart, and speak the truth from your own conscience.

Wuhan is now like hell. It was a very civilized city since ancient times, Sun Yat-sen fired his first shot from Wuhan in the 1911 Revolution against the Manchurian empire. At that time, it was suggested to build Wuhan into a modern city like New York. Now, what does it look like? You see all sorts of farcical and miserable things, on Twitter or from some Internet channels, familiar streets, familiar accents, sick people drop to the ground and die. Those tragedies. Today is New Year’s Day! It was a very happy and festive day, But do you think that the people in Wuhan or China can be happy now?

Then I hope that all overseas Chinese can understand that, we Chinese, at least I will say people of similar age like me, in the twenties and thirties, born in the eighties and nineties, no one is stupid, no one is brainwashed. We are clear in our mind. People like Jin Can-rong (government officials who write pro-government articles) can only fool the stupid and little children. We all know what kind of country this is. We have no way (to object). We have no channels to speak. We have no ability. Our bodies are flesh, flesh and blood, which cannot fight cement, bullets, and tanks. I hope that all overseas Chinese compatriots who can see my video can help us. I don’t want you to spend a penny. You just need to click your mouse to give it more exposure. I don’t rely on this to make money . I just want to create some pressure on the Chinese government, I want them to understand that you cannot escape responsibility. (Premier Li Ke-Qiang) Going to a remote place like Qinghai (which is thousands of kilometers away from the epicenter) to put up a show on providing guidance to fighting the epidemic? Guidance your ass! You treat others as idiots. Damn you!

Put yourself in our shoes. You are from Wuhan now, you live on this land, OK?  Your relatives and friends, people you know, have somehow contracted the disease, not because they are not cooperating, but because they have no way (to avoid it) at all, and they are helpless, and now they cannot be treated, they cannot be diagnosed, they can only wait to die. A man has only one life, just one, you die, and that’s it. And now the virus is not like what the government said, with symptoms like fever and cough. It can be transmitted without fever and cough,  not only through the mouth, but to pass through your eyes (video interrupted)


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