Most of my predictions came true!

  • In 2018, in my article “America: China Never Understands“, I predicted that the US would start to strangle China because it had concluded that China was a foe. Fulfilled.
  • In November 2018, after Trump introduced the first round of tariffs, Xi Jinping promised to buy large quantities of American goods. Trump boasted of “friendship with President Xi”. Everyone expected that the relationship would improve and the trade war would die down. I predicted that “The trade war will resume in three months.Fulfilled.
  • In my article “China’s Past and Future Twenty Years” published in October 2019, I predicted: “After ten to twenty years, the technological gap between China and the west would widen again to the level before China opened up.” The report “Sino-US Strategic Competition in Technology: Analysis and Prospects” published by the Institute of International and Strategic Studies of Peking University on January 31, 2022 pointed out that after the decoupling of technology between the United States and China, China was lagging behind in most strategic fields. Partially fulfilled.
  • In the same article I predicted that China’s economy would slowly decline, that China would gradually become another North Korea, and that the CCP’s grip on China would be stronger.
  • Before the 2020 U.S. election, I predicted that, after elected, Biden would be tougher to China than Trump, and that the U.S. economy would be stronger. Fulfilled.
  • After China imposed tariffs on a variety of Australian products in May 2020, I predicted that Australia was a proud nation, and she would not bow to coercions. Fulfilled.
  • In May 2020, COVID just broke out, the US and Europe were in a free fall, while China had stamped out the virus and started economic recovery. In my article “Democracy’s role in US’s fight against the pandemic“, I predicted that the US would come out of the pandemic and start strong economic recovery in a year’s time, while China would be stuck in the cycles of shutdowns and their economy would suffer badly. Fulfilled.
  • Before the September 2021 phone call between Biden and Xi before the Beijing Winter Olympics, European and American analysts predicted that Xi would invite Biden to attend the Olympics, and it would be difficult for Biden to refuse. I predict that the Biden team would privately tell Xi’s team not to mention it. Fulfilled.
  • I predict that Trump will not run in 2024, because all egoistic people are full of fears. He would be afraid of losing to Biden again. The strategy of GOP was to use Trump’s red neck supporters for as long as possible, and then ditch him on the last minute.
  • In my article “Will China ever overtake US” in July 2021, I predicted that China’s economy was unlikely to collapse, but the gap with the United States would become bigger and bigger.
  • On September 15, 2021, US, Britain and Australia announced the AUKUS military alliance. On the 30th, I said in my article “Australia: China’s Waterloo” that this agreement has enabled the United States to obtain a forward base with an area 14,000 times larger than Guam with strong industrial capabilities. This was the end of China’s Pacific ambitions.
  • At the end of 2021 and in January 2022, I wrote three articles: “China knows it is a trap, but she has to jump in“, “Are hypersonic weapons a blessing or a curse for China?” and “World war three had begun”, I predicted that the CCP’s provoking of an arms race in the field of cutting-edge weapons would burn through China’s precious and ever-dwindling cash reserves, which China needed to buy international influence. This would lead to China’s international influence to dwindle. It’s technology would fall further and further behind from the US. It would repeat the mistake of the Soviet Union to go bankrupt. I also predicted that the US would quickly catch up and surpass China on hypersonic weapons, and create counter measures.
  • In my article “History Pushed Putin onto the path Hitler once walked” on December 19 2021, I said, “Putin is highly likely to invade Ukraine.” On February 21, 2022, three days before Russia’s invasion, In my article “The CCP’s Ukrainian nightmare“, I concluded that Putin was to launch a large-scale invasion, based on the fact that all seven committee members of CCP disappeared for many days after Putin attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Fulfilled.
  • In my article “History Will Remember Today: February 24, 2022” on February 14, 2022, I predicted that China would support Russia in the war. Fulfilled.
  • In my article “Deep Analysis of the War in Ukraine” on February 27, 2022, I predicted almost everything that was to happen in the next two months.


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