After this pandemic recedes, the next one is just around the corner

Crucial chain of events

Following are the key event dates that are now publicly known:

8 Dec 2019: Chinese hospital treated the first coronavirus patient. From this day on, CCP knew about this virus.

30 Dec 2019, 22 days later: Dr. Wenliang Li, a normal GP, sent a WeChat message in his classmates group, warning them of the spreading of “a SARS-like virus”. He, together with seven other doctors who blew the whistle around that time, was arrested for “spreading rumors”. He later died on duty.

31 Dec 2019, 23 days later: China notified WHO about this virus. No warning was given to the public.

1 Jan 2020, 24 days later, the Wuhan Hua-nan Seafood Market was closed. No warning was given to the public.

Around that time, the Chinese social media WeChat started to delete messages that contained the keywords about the coronavirus to prevent the news from spreading.

9 Jan 2020, 32 days later: the first coronavirus death. No warning was given to the public.

19 Jan 2020, 42 days later: Wuhan CDC told the public on media that “the virus does not spread between human and is under control”. Many Wuhan citizens said that, after they heard this news, their worries were gone. They were happy about the government’s handling.

At the same time, Beijing and Shenzhen started to have confirmed infections.

21 Jan 2020, 44 days later: world-famous infectious disease expert Yu Guan, who played a crucial role in handling the SARS epidemic in 2003, arrived in Wuhan to help, but he swiftly changed his mind and left, because “The medical system in Wuhan has not been mobilized at all… Wuhan is still a city with no defense… Less than 10% of the public were wearing masks.”

23 Jan 2020, 46 days later, Wuhan was shutdown. Up to this day, five million people left Wuhan to go back to their parents or tour the country and the world in the Spring Festival long holidays, spreading the virus to all over the world. Italy’s patient zero was an indirect result of such migration.

From the above events you can see that, although it was most probably unintentional, one could say without much exaggeration that CCP did everything they could possibly do to make sure the virus spread to the whole world.

CCP is, collectively, retard

Do not expect CCP to learn anything from this.

When a society and the bureaucracy more or less retain their conscience, like the Australian system and the US system, in which officials are democratically elected, have a level of willingness to work for the benefit of the electorate, and whistle blowers make sure nothing bad grow to become outrageous, the system can to a certain extent learn from catastrophic failures and improve.

Think about how difficult it is for someone in Australia to become a prominent politician, how much scrutiny and pressure they face from the public and the opposition . CCP does not suffer any of these. They have unprecedented control over the media through state-of-the-art technology. They can do whatever they want to do, and the general public can still be brain-washed to love them and trust them, and hate the US and and other western imperialism for all of their sufferings.

Human nature has a strong tendency to take shortcuts. Controlling everything using their guns offers such a convenient shortcut, that CCP will never ever give it up and subject themselves to the pressures of public scrutiny.

Among the first generation of CCP, a lot of them, including my father-in-law, true-heartedly believe in the communist ideology. They thought they were fighting for the interest of the people. Nowadays, no one believes it anymore. Everyone wants power for one sole purpose – personal gain. Western politicians also want personal gain, but they can only achieve it by winning public acclaim; but a CCP official can do anything without fearing consequence.

In such a system, although every individual may be quite smart, the collective system behaves like an absolute idiot and will never learn.

Just take how they dealt with Taiwan for example. CCP’s biggest nightmare is that the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party gains support, and America ramps us its tie with Taiwan. Yet, over the last six or seven years, all they have been doing is to make sure they happens. Why? The top man in China, Xi Jinping, only finished primary school. In the psychotic great cultural revolution, he was seven years old, his dad was thrown into jail by Mao. He was completely brain washed. He believes that the western democracy are devils that want to contain and destroy China, and the only practical strategy to deal with them is to defeat them via covert subversion, sabotage and overt war.

Therefore, if any CCP official says to Xi, “Let’s give Taiwan some breathing space, let’s don’t coerce them too much, otherwise American will ramp up its support to Taiwan”, Xi will think that he is not firm against the archenemy, and his position will be endangered. Therefore, no matter what the official truly thinks, he can only say to Xi: “China is becoming ever stronger under your rein, we have nothing to fear. Let’s show them our strength, let’s fight them head-on!”

That was why the Chinese government spokesman Li-Jian Zhao dared to proclaim that it was the USA that took the coronavirus to Wuhan. He knew that it would result in an avalanche of backlash in the US and the world against China. He knew it. But he didn’t give a damn about the country’s interest. By taking such a hostile gesture toward the enemy, he was hoping that it would impress the big boss and advance his ranking.

It will happen again, and again, and again

Now, when social media is reporting countless new outbreaks, the state-controlled media is reporting zero for days, and they have released a propaganda movie praising how judiciously Xi Jinping and the party had handled the virus outbreak. The newly appointed Wuhan party secretary Zhonglin Wang just launched a campaign to educate the Wuhan citizens, whose true death toll may be a hundred thousand, to be grateful for the party. Although the first whistle blower Dr. Li who were arrested for spreading rumors and died on duty was recognized as a hero, CCP had launched a renewed and more rigorous campaign to silence and make-disappear anyone who exposes the truth, even though with no intention to blame them on the party. Those who disappeared includes the lawyer and self-funded reporter Qiu-shi Chen.

By the time the virus finally recedes, there will be no evidence left about the truth throughout China.

I sit beside a Chinese teenager recently on a flight. She does not know anything about the 4 June 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. It was not “I don’t know much about this event”. It was that she never knew anything happened on this day! In two years’ time, China’s memory about this outbreak will be nothing but how well the party handled the crisis, and how proud we are to be a Chinese, and how grateful we are for our party.

News are breaking out right now, about ambulances carrying suspicious coronavirus patients being told to run circles because central government inspectors are inspecting the hospital, and hospitals refusing to confirm the new coronavirus infections, because the city wanted to maintain the “zero-outbreak” daily record, otherwise the city’s responsible officials will be punished. In a bureaucracy in which power is guaranteed and everyone wants nothing but his own profit and if I can get away with my profit then I don’t care if thousands die, the system will not learn.

The world needs to get rid of the Chinese Communist Party. This is the only way that the world can practically survive.

If CCP stays in power, after this coronavirus deluge recedes, having caused the world trillions of dollars of financial loss and perhaps millions of innocent people to die, the next round of virus pandemic from China is just around the corner.


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